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What started many years ago as a business meeting between 3 partners in a small humble office has now grown into one outstanding beast of a law firm.


Defense attorneys fear us. Car insurance companies tremble at the sound of our name. They talk about us in their meetings like how older siblings tell scary stories of ghosts to their younger siblings.


Car Accident Lawyer Elite has a simple mission: to be the best personal injury attorneys in Los Angeles by winning the most money and providing the best customer service for our clients.


Recent Cases

Below are outcomes of some of our recent cases.

$ 165000

Wrongful Job Termination

Our client was wrongfully terminated from her job. Now she's rightfully compensated.

$ 150000

Traffic Accident

Our client was hit by a drunk driver. Now he's hit with a big fat check.

$ 175000

Slip and Fall

Our client slip and fell at an unsecure store. Now he fell into a pile of money.

$ 272000

Medical Malpractice

Our client had dental surgery gone wrong. Now it feels right after he got his settlement.

$ 326500

Traffic Accident

Our client was injured by a truck driver while riding her bicycle. Now she has a car.

$ 167000

Worker’s Compensation

Our client's boss said he doesn't deserve any worker's compensation. Now our client is the boss.


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